Micro Skin Needling with Dermaroller

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Models Required Dermaroller Micro Needling Treatments Treatments: Skin rejuvenation; Scar and stretch mark reduction. Price in high street clinic=£150 to £200 Price for training course model=£40 The dermaroller treatment also known as micro-skin needling can treat a variety of skin problems plus improve the texture and health of the skin. This treatment can rejuvenate and […]

Nose Augmentation Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

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Non Surgical Nose Correction Treatments Training Course: Tear Trough and Nose Correction Master Class Prices for  Nose Correction/Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Dermal Filler for nose correction and augmentation=£50/1 ml Syringe. Call us on 01793 323423 or email at info@cosmetictreatmentmodels.co.uk What is NOSE CORRECTION? The face is a work of art and if all components of the […]

Dermal Fillers for Tear Trough and Nose Augmentation

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The area under the eye also known as the tear trough can be corrected with dermal filler. This is an advanced procedure and the treatments are performed during the Tear Trough and Nose Correction Master Class. All candidates attending this course are experienced dermal filler injectors. Under Eye Hollows with Dermal Fillers The under eye […]

The difference between the VYCROSS Fillers and Standard HA Dermal Fillers

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Introducing the Vycross™ range of dermal fillers The VYCROSS™ range of HA dermal fillers include VOLUMA™, VOLIFT™ and VOLBELLA™. These fillers are part of the JUVEDERM range of fillers manufactured by Allergan Inc. So what is the difference between the standard JUVEDERM ULTRA™ range and the VYCROSS™ dermal fillers? The VYCROSS™ fillers (VOLUMA & VOLIFT) […]

Mesotherapy in Aesthetic Medicine

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The Mesotherapy Treatments and Courses Mesotherapy is a non surgical medical treatment. It involves the injection of small quantities of  various natural extracts, homeopathic agents, pharmaceuticals and vitamins. The products are injected directly into the problem areas of the face and body aiming at dramatically improving or correcting a variety of conditions ranging from lax […]

Eight Point Face Lift

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What is the Eight Point Face Lift? The eight point technique was developed by the Brazilian plastic surgeon Dr Mauricio DeMaio. He developed this technique with Vycross range of dermal fillers produced by Allergan who make Botox and the Juvederm Ultra range of dermal fillers. The 8 Point Face Lift is part of the Non-Surgical Face […]