Non Surgical Brow Lift

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Non Surgical Brow Lift Treatment on Training Courses

As we age, the lateral brow comes down and we lose volume just underneath the eyebrow.

Lifting the brow lift with dermal filler is part of the advanced dermal filler training course. By injecting a small amount of dermal filler in the lateral part of the brow a subtle lift can be created.

A clinician can also use botulinum toxin or PDO Threads to lift the brow. The other alternative is surgery for eye brow lift.

The price for brow lift with dermal fillers on the course is £80. This is for 1 syringe of HA dermal filler either Juvederm or Teosyal. The price for a brow lift with Botox is £120. The PDO thread price varies from £250 to £300.

Non Surgical Brow Lift Course Information

Indication: Eyebrow droop/drop

Product used= Juvederm/Teosyal and/or BOTOX/BOCOUTURE

Treatment Time= during the course the treatment takes approximately 30 minutes.

Duration of Results=Dermal Filler 6-9 months-BOTOX 3-5 months

Full Price in a Clinic=£200-£350.

Discounted price to KT Training models/patients=£90 dermal filler (Juvederm or Teosyal) per syringe & Botox £120

KT Training course=Advanced Botox and Advanced Dermal Fillers Course

Please review the treatment information on this site and the model contract before contacting us.

If you are interested in the non surgical brow lift complete the contact form and provide details of the treatments you require.