Nose Augmentation Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

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Non Surgical Nose Correction Treatments

Training Course: Tear Trough and Nose Correction Master Class

Prices for  Nose Correction/Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

Dermal Filler for nose correction and augmentation=£50/1 ml Syringe.

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The face is a work of art and if all components of the face are balanced, the face is considered attractive or beautiful. The 2 images are both beautiful women and they are different. However, the girl with blond hair would be considered more attractive and this is due to the fact that her features are well proportioned. Her nose for instance is perfect in length. The width relative to the mouth is well proportioned. Also, the distance from the cupid bow to the tip of the nose is perfect and makes the lower face more attractive.

The dark hair female is definitely more interesting but the length of her nose is a noticeable flaw. Aesthetically, her nose is too long for the face and surprisingly this is the area we look at when we see her. To correct this flaw, we can inject filler at the tip of the nose, which will lift the tip of the nose and correct the flaw. The result is dramatic when the face is almost perfect like the model in the picture. Equally, if the blond hair model wanted to have a straight profile, filler can be injected from the bridge of the nose to the fleshy area of the nose to make her nose profile more attractive.

While beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, non-surgical medicine allows us to continually aim for perfection. At KT Training we are dedicated to helping our models do this at discounted prices.

The non-surgical nose treatment is also known as:

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty.

Nose Augmentation.

Nose Correction.

This Morning Nose Augmentation Demonstration

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