Patient Guidance COVID-19

KT Training Patients/Models Guidelines COVID-19

All patients must read and understand the following guidance before attending appointments for any treatment.

When booking your appointment you are agreeing to follow these guidelines.

To ensure your safety and safety of our staff we will be asking our patients to assist by :

Attend appointment unaccompanied.

Upon arrival, you will be asked to wear gloves provided by us. You will be required to provide and wear your own face covering or mask. Hand wash will also be provided if required.

Please do not bring personal possessions to the clinic. Please do not wear jewelry.

Wedding rings may be worn provided hands are kept clear from the face.

Maintain the recommended social distance from other people in the clinic as far as is possible.

Patients/Models to pay before their treatment. if this is unavoidable please pay by card only or contactless, reducing contact wherever possible and cleaning card machines after use where necessary.

If for any reason payment by cash is unavoidable, additional precautions, including hand washing, must be taken.

Attend appointment 5 minutes early. In some instances clients may be asked to wait outside or in their car until practitioners are ready to see them.

If a treatment is delayed we will try to contact you before your appointment adjusted time slot.

Patients will attend appointments with no make-up.

When booking a treatment you are confirming:

1) They don’t have any symptoms of COVID-19 currently;
2) No one in their household currently has symptoms of COVID-19;
3) They are not considered ‘high-risk’ clients for COVID-19;
4) They have read the recommended infection control measures above.
5) They will inform KT Training of any changes to the above between confirming they are following the guidelines and attending their appointment.

At KT Training our patients and candidates safety is a priority. We will provide a safe environment following current COVID-19 guidelines. However we cannot assist or be held responsible for any issues arising from our courses related to COVID-19.

There is increasing evidence that dermal fillers given in the presence of a recent viral infection (or where a virus is caught after treatment) can increase the risk of delayed hypersensitivity reactions.

As you are aware, the treatments we are training you to deliver cannot be delivered whilst adhering to the distancing rule but we can still abide by this when we are not delivering a treatment.  It is important that you follow the safe distancing rule when and where possible.

 There may be a delay in post-procedural care during COVID-19 and future lockdowns. If you need emergency care during these periods you will need to contact your health care provider.

Please note that these measures cannot completely remove all risk in relation to Covid-19.

If you do develop symptoms after attending our facility you should contact your health care provider immediately and follow the current COVID-19 guidance provided by the DoH (Department of Health).

If you are tested positive  for COVID-19 up to 2 weeks post treatment  you agree to contact us. We will need to contact anyone who may have been in direct contact with you.

Please complete the following form and click send to confirm you understand and will follow these guidelines. You are also consenting to the treatment being provided during our courses.

Please note these guidelines may be subject to last minute adjustment based on the current advice.